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  1. NewGrad

    How valuable is are the IQF certifications? If I cannot complete a project is just passing the exam valuable?

  2. admin

    My opinion is that the knowledge gained when studying for such a rigorous exam and completing projects will pay dividends. You will learn and be able to apply your knowledge in your work.

    On top of that IQF and other certifications are certainly recognized by industry. An exact value is difficult to determine. One advantage of the IQF is that you can allow potential employers to view your exam status even if you have not completed full certification with projects.

  3. NewGrad

    Why do so many companies use Minitab? At the university we used R. It is open source and in my opinion easier to use and more powerful. Is anyone’s organization transitioning from Minitab (or SAS or SPSS) to R or another open source statistics package?

  4. smith

    My organization hasn’t officially changed, but with the poor economy, budgets were cut, and many of us now use R instead of Minitab.

    • cam

      I don’t have any experience with R, but I’m going to look it up to see what it’s all about. Personally I love Minitab for the ease of use, but I also understand budget constraints.

      • PraxisReliability

        Cam, It is true that R can be very intimidating at first; especially if you are comfortable with the GUI of such software packages as Minitab. I can say that there is a ton of free information on the web and lots of books you can buy to support just about any analysis you would need to perform. In other words, it comes with tons of support and documentation that helps speed up the learning curve.

        I would also suggest looking into such websites as They provide a lot of 4 week, online classes for R. The downside is they are quite expensive.

        My company, PRC, can also provide support in R – from training to actually performing the analysis for you.

        I would also suggest installing R Studio; which is also free. R Studio provides a more user-friendly interface for R.

  5. Debashree

    Is this necessary to know R language for six sigma certification?

  6. control.eng2001

    how much does it coast to register for lean six sigma green belt exam ?

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