Six Sigma DMAIC Certification

This is the certification that started it all. DMAIC or Define, Measure Analyze, Improve and Control is the certification focused on problem solving. Whether it is improving customer satisfaction, reducing warranty or reducing variability in service time, DMAIC will provide the structure for the improvement process.

The IQF certification exam is nothing like traditional certification exams. Instead, it is a rigorous, computer-based test of your ability to use modern methods to improve business operations. The exam consists of 2 modules:

  1. Fundamentals – short questions & problems designed to test the basic understanding of Six Sigma tools & concepts.
  2. Applications (not required for Green Belt) – detailed problems designed to test Six Sigma problem solving ability.

Each of these modules must be completed in 4 hours. The exam is open book, and any computer software may be used.

In addition to the exam, project work and for the Master Black Certification, teaching and mentoring are required as shown in the table below.

Certification Level Project Requirement Teaching & Mentoring Requirement
Green Belt None None
Black Belt 2 Projects None
Master Black Belt 2 Projects Two years of teaching and mentoring including 8 mentored projects and 80 hours of teaching.

Use the links below to learn more about DMAIC certification.

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